A gorgeous, highly sexed woman mourning the loss of her lusty lover, travels to a remote island and discovers the astonishing truth about the deceased cad.

CAST: Paz Vega, Tristan Ulloa, Najwa Nimri, Daniel Freire, Elena Anaya, Silvia Llanos, Javier Camara

DIRECTOR: Julio Medem

"...a truly titillating and truly convoluted tale of l'amour fou. Perhaps the American remake could be titled 'Hot Fudge Ripple Sky'...Imagine a PenE`lope Cruz who acted as soulfully as she looked in photographs, and you'd have Paz Vega, who spends much of the film casually naked yet projects the deep-dish yearning of an earlier generation of stars. Vega is a real find...The movie does qualify as an art-house turn-on, but adult sexuality already has enough kinks. It doesn't need to be tied in knots." --Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"Julio Medem's 'Sex and LucI`a' is truly bizarre--beautifully executed and as rampantly randy as straight European movies come...For the first semi-porn half or so, Vega and Ulloa juice up Medem's script with a royally convincing fuck-vibe and a pair of redoubtably impish smiles. But once the story begins unfolding to include a love child, her sexy baby-sitter, the baby-sitter's ex-porn-queen mother, and a rottweiler, credibility begins to shake and tumble." --Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice

"If you're starved for on-screen nudity and sex garnished with art-film trappings, then Julio Medem's 'Sex and Lucia' has just what it takes to satisfy your cravings. The price you'll pay is putting up with the director's relentless Euro-pretension, manifested in a tediously contrived plot crammed with absurd coincidences, clunky symbolism and soap-operatic melodrama... At times 'Lucia' feels like a Spanish '91/2 Weeks' replete with blindfolds and fruit--except that in accordance with the European art house trend, it shows the male sexual organ in various stages of arousal." --Jonathan Foreman, The New York Post

"... one very steamy, very incoherent motion picture...The kind of trifle that date nights were invented for...'Sex and Lucia' specializes in pleasant eroticism, using nudity, Koko de la Rica's dreamy cinematography and Alberto Iglesias' Goya-winning score to create episodes of voluptuous lovemaking...the film doesn't hesitate to feature brief shots of erect sexual organs...Precisely to keep us from thinking, 'Sex and Lucia' throws in frequent shots of unclothed cast members." --Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

"...both refreshing and confusing, the film equivalent of an ice cream headache. The abundant nudity and moist clinches of the movie explain why 'sex' is in the title, since it's almost the co-star of the film. But the director's affinity for sensuality and sumptuousness, though often superficial, is so intoxicating that our interest is piqued enough to follow him. But the final destination, albeit eye-catching, is nowhere, and he gets there in no particular hurry." --Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times