A tipsy techie is kidnapped by a madman who takes over the wheel of her car, runs over a cop, and vanishes into the night, leaving the blotto girl behind to face the consequences.

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CAST: Robin Tunney, Tim Blake Nelson, Brad Hunt, Liz Phair, Jason Priestley, Nora Dunn, Lindsay Crouse, Ricardo Gil, Kenny Kwong, Stephen Polk

DIRECTOR: Finn Taylor

" endearingly offbeat romantic comedy with a great meet-cute gimmick: The heroine meets Prince Charming while he's fitting her with an electronic ankle bracelet...Tunney delivers a tour de force as the ditzy Zoe...Nelson makes a surprisingly agreeable leading man, and there is considerable romantic chemistry as the mutually mistrustful Zoe and Daly warily circle each other...Writer-director Finn Taylor bends genres at the climax, turning the story into a silly chase-thriller...But by that point, the luminous Tunney has built up so much good will that 'Cherish' still ranks as the season's first bona fide date-film sleeper." --Lou Lemenick, The New York Post

"The plotting is alternately belabored and distracted, and cumulatively so inconsequential that the climactic Run Lola Run beat-the-clock plays out with zero suspense." --Dennis Lim, The Village Voice

"As a poky little character comedy, 'Cherish' is enchanting in a small-scale way. But when Mr. Taylor tries to turn it into a genre thriller, 'Cherish' deteriorates so quickly that it's unsettling." --Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

"Implausible at every turn, it offers a dab of quirkiness and edge from writer-director Finn Taylor, but otherwise has nothing for audiences to embrace...Robin Tunney and Tim Blake Nelson have enough going for them that they would be worth seeing in happier circumstances, but they can't make much of a dent in this negligible film...'Cherish' makes us feel that we're being held prisoner as much as Zoe." --Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"Under the sly, inventive direction of Finn Taylor, this madness is consistently entertaining, even if it comes close to falling apart during its implausible Run-Lola-Runesque wrap-up... Robin Tunney is a star very much on the rise." --Guy Flatley, Moviecrazed