BECAUSE I SAID SO: Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht, Tom Everett Scott, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo (Directed by Michael Lehmann; Written by Karen Leigh Hopkins and Jessie Nelson; Universal) Life has been a losing proposition for Daphne Wilder (Diane Keaton). Certainly her love life has been a disaster, and she just can’t help feeling bitter. That’s why she’s determined that her daughter Milly (Mandy Moore) not be a chip off the maternal block. And so she comes up with a strategy for finding the exact right man to be her son-in-law. To read Guy Flatley's 1974 interview with Diane Keaton, click here. Now Playing

NORBIT: Eddie Murphy, Thandie Newton, Terry Crews, Clifton Powell, Mighty Rasta, Cuba Gooding Jr., Eddie Griffin, Marlon Wayans (Directed by Brian Robbins; Written by Jay Scherick, David Ronn and Eddie Murphy; DreamWorks and Paramount) Thanks to the makeup wizardry of Rick Baker, Eddie Murphy gets to play three roles in this anything-goes comedy: Norbit, a bullied husband; Rasputia, his obese bully of a wife who’s cursed with a dreadful case of flatulence; and Mr. Wong, a man who can do nothing wight in the Chinese westauwant he manages. Gorgeously thin Thandie Newton plays a re-surfaced sweetheart who makes Norbit want to dump his mega-violent missus. Now Playing