EL PADRINO: Damian Chapa, Faye Dunaway, Stacy Keach, Robert Wagner, Jennifer Tilly, Gary Busey, Joanna Pacula, Kathleen Quinlan, Brad Dourif, Sal Lopez, Emilio Rivera, Ileanna Simancas, Ricco Chapa, Rachel Hunter (Directed by Damian Chapa; Written by Damian Chapa, Troy Barker and Carlton Holder; Sabeva Film Distribution


Writer/director/star Damian Chapa (at left) plays a guy who greatly admires his dad, a thug who happens to be a drug dealer. So what do you think Damian does when he grows up? Right. And practically before he’s old enough to vote, he is the dope king of East L.A. and then the entire country. Following a spell of bad luck, he becomes the most fabulously successful dealer in an anything-goes (mostly up the nose) prison.

Toward the end of his tawdry journey to self-knowledge, Damian kills a fellow inmate (on orders from no less than the Governer of the State). After he’s sprung from the pen by the Guv, he manages to run afoul of the Attorney General—played by the ever-luminous, harder-than-nails Faye Dunaway (at right). Watch out, Mr. Ashcroft; you could be replaced!