When last coupled on screen, Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster were a pair of poker-playing con artists scheming to fleece as many unsuspecting citizens of the Old West as possible. That was in 1994’s “The Maverick,” directed by Richard Donner.

No doubt they still make a striking combo but, in their latest film, at least one of them is definitely looking weird. And we do mean Mel, who plays Walter Black, a severely agitated man who never goes anywhere or does anything unless he’s sporting his ludicrous-looking beaver hand puppet. That’s the only way this loser is able to calm down, but thanks to that damn beaver, his faithful wife Meredith Black, played by Jodie, is becoming more and more frantic. Which is why their son Porter Black (Anton Yelchin) insists that mom dump dad.

So who’s directing "The Beaver"? None other than two-time Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster, whose previous behind-the-camera achievements include “Little Man Tate” (1991) and the underrated “Home for the Holidays” (1995). The rumor that Jodie was Mel’s first choice to direct “The Passion of the Christ” seemingly has no basis in fact. But wouldn't it be fun if Mel turns out to be the director of "The Beaver, Part 2"? Assuming he can fit it into his hectic schedule. --Guy Flatley

P.S. Will Jodie still be Mel's pal if her movie skips theaters and goes directly to Blockbuster?


Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence, Riley Thomas Stewart (Directed by Jodie Foster; Written by Kyle Killen; Summit Entertainment) Opening date to be announced