"...a feisty and self-aware first feature written and directed by actor Attal, in which a less-than-star husband struggles with the impact of his wife's fame. It's bad enough when the couple's private time is regularly interrupted by autograph seekers; it's worst when Charlotte is on the job--in bed...With every detail in this clever peekaboo, the sly filmmaker dangles the possibility that fiction is fact and that Yvan and Charlotte are real--or at least as real as the movies." --Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"'Actress' is clearly in thrall to Woody Allen's epic sketches of self-loathing, though the picture has a beckoning blast of energy that indicates it's a response to the perky French sex farces in which jealousy passes like a spring rain... Though he doesn't have much screen time, Mr. Stamp makes John's ease a kind of low-intensity joie de vivre...Ms. Gainsbourg is a winning performer, too--a beguiling mixture of willowy plaintiveness and slightly irregular beauty lit up by a goofy smile...Though Mr. Attal's forehead is rumpled, there's no sloppiness in 'Actress'; it's organized to find its comedy simply and quickly for the most part." --Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

"Gainsbourg is virtually incidental to her mate's screeching navel-serenade, which maintains a stranglehold on the declarative first-person mode of its title. The subject of 'My Wife Is an Actress' is neither marriage nor performance, but rather the easily pricked self-confidence of Attal's Parisian sportswriter schmo. Equal parts Griffin Dunne and Woody Allen, he spits up one-liners as if perpetually sickened by the absurdity that surrounds him... 'My Wife Is an Actress' is allegedly a comedy, the evidence including a grossly belabored set piece unveiling a butt-naked film crew and an utterly pointless circumcision subplot (the latter facilitating more Allen-ish angst with paranoid-Jew jokes)..." --
Jessica Winter, The Village Voice

"Although the movie is not as hilarious as you'd hope from the screwball setup, Gainsbourg and Attal make a solid comedy team. She's the straight man, blithely unaware of her lopsided beauty. And he's a Woody Allen in the making, mining his own neuroses for panic-attack material...Underneath the light comedy, Attal's interest seems to be a philosophical one about the nature of acting and the curtain that separates the public from the process of moviemaking." --
Jami Bernard, The New York Daily News

"The French are very good at taking sit-commy setups and cloaking the machinery with charming and surprisingly resonant comic nuance...What gives 'My Wife Is an Actress' its extra juice is the natural energy exchange between the spirited real-life couple, who conjure the sort of credibly warm interplay that is hard to fake and probably harder to reproduce in front of a camera." --Jan Stuart, Newsday

"Though it's not much more substantial than Woody Allen's similar 'Hollywood Ending,' Attal's briskly paced film has a lot more energy...Gainsbourg has an ultra-stylish but approachable screen presence that's nicely offset by Attal's Ed Burns-like scruffiness..." --
Lou Lumenick, The New York Post