An allegedly sophisticated Manhattan career girl discovers that the best man at her kid sister’s wedding in London is the guy who dumped her two years earlier. How does big sis cope with the humiliation? She cashes in her 401K and hires a debonair male escort to pose as her steady bedmate.

CAST: Debra Messing, Dermot Mulroney, Amy Adams, Jack Davenport, Sarah Parish, Jeremy Sheffield, Peter Egan, Holland Taylor, Kerry Shale, Stephen Lobo

DIRECTOR: Clare Kilner


“While attempting to be equal parts ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘My Best Friend's Wedding,’ this movie manages to make both of those earlier efforts seem like stunning cinematic achievements -- at least they were put together with some forethought, offered a few honest laughs and contained natural chemistry between their stars. By contrast, there's nothing about ‘The Wedding Date’ that isn't forced or labored; there's only a stubborn determination to embrace every cliche and make sure the stars photograph well...Director Clare Kilner adds nothing to the mix, treating the whole movie as though a paint-by-numbers exercise is all movie audiences want.” --Chris Kaltenbach, The Baltimore Sun

“A tossed bouquet full of dead flowers and bad jokes that belongs in the nearest trash receptacle...It's weakly conceived and blandly executed, wasteful of its cast's talent and our time...‘Wedding Date’ is neither good art, good entertainment nor even good trash.” --Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

“‘Pretty Woman’ this ain't, but it's a relatively harmless (and thankfully, not entirely laughless) trifle basically aimed at the white sorority-girl crowd as background noise for their own bachelorette parties...With curled upper lip and baritone voice, Mulroney appears to be channeling Sylvester Stallone. He parades around naked to get her attention, demonstrating man's next most-crass assumption: Once she sees the goods, she'll never be able to resist.” --Peter Debruge, Premiere

“A witless, stale and half-hearted rehash of cliches borrowed from the likes of ‘The Wedding Planner,’ ‘The Wedding Singer’ and ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral,’ this pathetic, alleged comedy certainly wasn't improved by clueless direction by Clare Kilner...Nor does it help matters that the bored leading man (Dermot Mulroney, desperate for a paycheck) looks as if he'd rather be undergoing root canal -- and the game Messing is unflatteringly photographed in an eyeball-gougingly ugly series of outfits.” --Lou Lumenick, The New York Post

“If there’s any doubt that the beginning of the year is Hollywood's Bad Movie Offload Season, ‘The Wedding Date’ seals it like a 13-carat rock on your ring finger...Never did a movie act like it was romantic and magical with less evidence. This movie is all pretty faces and six-pack abs, but no characters. All surface and no soul. Come to think of it, the surface isn't so darned hot either.” --Desson Thomson, The Washington Post

“Director Clare Kilner seems to prefer clumsily assembled montages pasted to bad pop songs over actual storytelling...The cast seems discouraged from doing anything witty or madcap -- especially the movie's star, who looks lost, ordinary, and more than a little sorry. Messing should know this is precisely the kind of movie Grace would ridicule Will for dragging her to see.” --Wesley Morris, Boston Globe

“The movie goes wrong from the start by simply throwing us into the action and asking us to identify with Messing's desperate scheme. Hiring a gigolo wouldn't be something she'd want to come up in, say, her confirmation hearing for secretary of state....Messing has the vulnerability for the role, but she doesn't get any help, and it's painful to watch her flail. In fact, it's hard to see how anyone even agreed to sign on for the picture.” --Mike Clark, USA Today

"‘The Wedding Date’ is a movie of utter inconsequence -- a cinematic Listerine Strip that evaporates from the brain before you even get your popcorn tub to the trash...There are a few mild chuckles to be had here, if not any actual jokes...But as you watch a limo full of drunk thirtysomething women yelling ‘Wooo!,’ the overwhelming sense is that of a genre wheezing its last.” --M.E. Russell, The Oregonian

“‘The Wedding Date’ is the perfect movie for those whose only desire is to see Debra Messing look winsome or Dermot Mulroney appear hunky. The rest of us are going to find this inert romantic comedy seriously wanting...So many body parts from other engineered romantic comedies have been crudely harvested and stitched together in the making of this weird robotic lark that ‘Maid of Honor of Frankenstein’ might be more useful a nickname.” --Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

“A routine romantic comedy, with no surprises, the type of film they've been making forever...The only real question is whether the stars, Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney, are pleasing to watch. They are...a fairly mediocre film, not nearly as funny as it should be, nor as heartfelt. On the plus side, it's only 85 minutes long and isn't boring. On the downside, it has an intrusive pop soundtrack and a screenplay full of fake conflicts.” --Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chroicle

“‘The Wedding Date’ struggles from beginning to end to capture the charm and ebullience of ‘Four Weddings,’ Mike Newell's 1994 film about bad timing and a British-American romance. The new movie's effort is mostly unsuccessful, but there are bright spots....the various scenes' charms would be far more enjoyable if the movie weren't so in love with its own supposed cuteness.” --Anita Gates, The New York Times