" its slapstick-lite way, it comes closer than the first movie did to evoking the book's wistful vision of loyalty and friendship...the animation is so vibrant that you can practically reach out and touch the fur and feathers...lively without being hyperactive...a bouncy mouse caper with a wee bit of soul." --
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"... more than the last time around, it has elements that might help divert those bigger people who find themselves unavoidably in attendance...Freed from the burden of setting up Stuart's world, this film, written by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed once again by Rob Minkoff, gives freer rein to Stuart's enthusiastic personality...A curious byproduct of this improvement is that by comparison, 'Stuart 2's' on-screen humans are even harder to take than they were in the original...there's really no excuse for them to seem less real than a bunch of computer-generated animals...Like many modern children's films, 'Stuart Little 2' can't decide between teaching good values ('You're only as big as you feel') and tossing out fake-hip jokes. Though it doesn't happen as often as it should, this is a better film when it allows itself simply to be sweet." --Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

"What sets the 'Stuart Little' franchise above most of the competition is its emphasis on sharply drawn character and its profusion of witty remarks (mostly from the mouth of Snowbell) that are cutting enough to amuse grown-ups without sailing over children's heads...'Stuart Little 2' has even snappier action sequences than the first film...the special effects are trickier and the whimsy more pronounced...Unlike so many family films, 'Stuart Little 2' has no interest in demonstrating its hipness. Deeply respectful of childhood innocence, it knows where not to go." --Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"...a dreadful, heavy-handed and unimaginative script by Bruce Joel Rubin that doesn't respect or even understand the spirit behind White's story, let alone the original movie... 'Stuart Little 2' has a lot more stupid action--and a lot less heart--than the character-driven original...Laurie appears addled addressing Stuart, who's a computer-generated effect--while Davis seems like she's auditioning for a remake of 'The Stepford Wives.'" --Lou Lumenick, The New York Post

"...a very funny and satisfying chapter in the life of our favorite little mouse. Bring on Chapter 3." --John Kehe, The Christian Science Monitor