"The Cortez kids, those mini-James Bonds who bounce to a Latin beat, are back to hone their espionage skills...It's a wonderfully silly family movie that holds its audience in high regard...writer-director Robert Rodriguez shows he hasn't lost his touch with child actors or with the vast horizons of a childlike imagination." --Jami Bernard, The New York Daily News

"The movie is a gaudy, noisy thrill ride--hyperactive, slightly out of control and full of kinetic, mischievous charm. The children who are its intended audience will scream with terror and delight and beg to go back for more...anarchic without being abrasive--the coarser moments of humor stay well within the bounds of grade-school naughtiness--and, more remarkably, sweet natured without being unbearably sentimental." --A.O. Scott, The New York Times

"Robert Rodriguez is more than in touch with his inner child...he's proving himself to be perhaps the most gifted maker of live-action family adventure films around...Though it's longer and more elaborate than it needs to be, it shares its predecessor's smart but relaxed sense of humor, a sophisticated imagination and the ability to be sharp and playful without being malicious." --Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

"'Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams' uses the same formula as the wonderful 2001 original: bright colors, weird gimmicks, fanciful special effects, goofy villains, sassy dialogue and lots of moxie...The whole film has a lively Mexican-American tilt, from the Hispanic backgrounds of the young actors to the surprise appearance of none other than Ricardo Montalban, as Grandpa, in a wheelchair with helicopter capabilities." --Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"This time around, the antics are a tad more frantic, and the gizmos work overtime...On the other hand, the inventiveness is still superior and the network of fiends and family is extended." --Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly