"... brilliant, over-the-edge concert film 'Notorious C.H.O.' carries candid sexual humor into previously uncharted territory...Not since the heyday of Richard Pryor has a stand-up comic reached so deeply into the confessional realm to exorcize lifelong feelings of alienation. But where Mr. Pryor's humor is inflected with a hipster's sarcasm and conveys the wild-eyed paranoia of a man still hunted down by demons, Ms. Cho's seems to come to terms with those demons. She almost makes it look easy. The liberation she invokes is finally a matter of willpower tempered by what may be the ultimate gift, a sense of humor." --Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"She begins, topically enough, with a preposterous account of 'giving blowjobs to rescue workers' at ground zero; similar blue gags follow, often with punchlines repeated up to three times, with diminishing returns...She'd like to empower some us: 'For us to have self-esteem is an act of revolution,' she says. Such banal sentiments ring false, even pathetic. She needs us far more than we need her. --Ed Park, The Village Voice

"If you like your language blue and your humor coarse, Margaret Cho is for you ...Although Cho, a straight, gay-friendly female, milks humor from her minority status, she finds the bulk of her gags in the overly mystified realm of sex. Her funniest riff is one speculating on what would happen if men got periods, but Cho also hits with jokes about gay personal ads and G-spots." --Megan Turner, The New York Post