"...exquisite French film...With 'How I Killed My Father," the director Anne Fontaine has created a small, chilly masterpiece that stings you like a touch of dry ice." --

Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"... it's as if the director Anne Fontaine is trying to say that every nationality--and generation--needs its own austere and mechanical 'Ordinary People.' It is just as grimly and pointedly plotted...Viewing this underdramatized but overstated film is like watching a transcript of a therapy session brought to humdrum life by some Freudian puppet...Told in flashback, 'How I Killed My Father' is a kind of murder mystery, but eventually the only victim is the audience's interest --the picture is uncompromising and inauspicious." -- Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

"'How I Killed My Father' demonstrates why nowadays the best thing you can say about an American movie is that it plays like a French film...the film never lapses into banality or sentimentality...the tragic inevitability of Oedipal conflict is generally expressed in emotional half-notes, at which French acting at its best is remarkably proficient. In this context, Mr. Bouquet, Mr. Berling, Ms. RE`gnier, Mr. Guillon and Amira Casar shine with a special luminosity in a time of splendid acting ensembles." -- Andrew Sarris, The New York Observer

"The murder is metaphorical in Anne Fontaine's exquisite French character study 'How I Killed My Father,' but it's still shocking in the quietest, most well-mannered of in her 1997 film 'Dry Cleaning,' the filmmaker doesn't resort to easy telegraphy. The script is a steady accretion of small stabs to the heart, propelling the gorgeous performances of Berling, Regnier, and especially the 76-year-old French cinema veteran Bouquet, whose every faint smile is killing." - Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

Michel Bouquet's performance makes Anne Fontaine's 'How I Killed My Father' required viewing...It's a scary rendition of an old charmer, and there seems to be a whole lifetime of understanding behind it." -- Peter Rainer, New York

"The seething tension that lures us through 'How I Killed My Father' with unassuming force comes from the ways in which Fontaine, her co-writer, Jacques Fieschi, and her superb cast manipulate our alliances...This is one of those coolly understanding films in which everyone is right and everyone is wrong and everyone loses something big, except the audience." --

Jan Stuart, Newsday