A cute little clownfish is abducted from his home-sweet-coral reef, and his father--not known for his courage--must set off on a rescue mission.

CAST: The voices of Albert Brooks, Willem Dafoe, Ellen DeGeneres, Geoffrey Rush, Allison Janney, Barry Humphries and Elizabeth Perkins.

DIRECTOR: Andrew Stanton

"It’s a great movie—probably the funniest animated feature since ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ and the most adroit mix of slapstick, sentiment and social commentary since ‘Toy Story 2’…its opening sequence, while mercifully short, rivals the killing of Bambi’s mother in its power to disturb…Nemo ultimately emerges from his experience a stronger, smarter fish; so does Marlin, a loving parent who must summon the emotional strength to let go and let the boy find his own way in the world. Fish gotta swim. --Matt Zoller Seitz, New York Press

"The underwater backdrops take your breath away…They're so lifelike, you almost feel like holding your breath while watching…‘Finding Nemo's’ eye-popping design supports what may well be the most disarmingly witty fish story ever spun on film stock…‘Finding Nemo,’ on looks alone, has set the bar higher for the rest of Hollywood's summer product to vault." --Gene Seymour, Newsday

"Visual imagination and sophisticated wit raise ‘Finding Nemo’ to a level just below the peaks of Pixar's ‘Toy Story’ movies and ‘Monsters, Inc.,’ which were created by many of the same hands…As in the earlier Pixar movies, the animation achieves an astonishing synergy of voice, computer-animated image and dialogue…The humor bubbling through ‘Finding Nemo’ is so fresh, sure of itself and devoid of the cutesy, saccharine condescension that drips through so many family comedies that you have to wonder what it is about the Pixar technology that inspires the creators to be so endlessly inventive." --Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"What's unique and joyous is that it creates a whirl of slapstick and sentiment all its own, in an environment so otherworldly and beautiful that leaving the theater will give you the bends. After this picture and ‘A Bug's Life’ (which he co-directed with John Lasseter), Stanton has become a latter-day Aesop on an epic scale, hatching fables about the seductiveness and perils of domesticity and adventure that use the virtual reality of computers to open up whole natural worlds." --Michael Sragow, The Baltimore Sun

"Even the children are up to their backpacks in rubbish. Disney's computer-animated ‘Finding Nemo’ is a parboiled kettle of Australian fish about a baby marlin separated from its father in the Great Barrier Reef and thrown into the fish tank of a dentist's office overlooking Sydney harbor." --Rex Reed, The New York Observer

"Summer hasn't even started, but you won't likely find a better catch this season than ‘Finding Nemo,’ a dazzling, computer-animated fish tale with a funny, touching script and wonderful voice performances that make it an unqualified treat for all ages." --Lou Lumenick, The New York Post

"What you might not expect is the sheer, eye-popping beauty of ‘Finding Nemo’… It turns out that Pixar does fish like nobody does fish…You can sense that every frame contains hundreds of decisions about light and color and movement—and, more to the point, they're all inspired decisions! ‘Finding Nemo’ won't open your mind the way a masterpiece like the Japanese ‘Spirited Away’ (2002) will. It's a corporate product. But it's unusual (in American animation, anyway) to encounter a universe at once so convincing—on a molecular level—and so lyrical." --David Edelstein, Slate

"With five successes out of five attempts, Pixar Animation Studios is now the most reliable creative force in Hollywood. Perhaps not since Preston Sturges made seven classic comedies in a row between 1940 and 1944 has one name been such a consistent indicator of audience and critical pleasure…The one Pixar factor never in doubt from the first frame is the sparkling, cutting-edge verve of ‘Nemo's’ visuals. A pioneer in computer animation, Pixar compulsively threw itself into the challenge of making a water world come alive."--Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

"‘Finding Nemo’ is an enchanting animated feature set ‘under da sea’ and bubbling over with humor and adventure…This stirring children's movie about separation anxiety is swimming with comic references only adults will catch, thus greatly expanding the potential audience. While boomers chuckle at references to eBay, short-term memory loss and sharks attending 12-step programs, the wee ones will delight in the glorious underwater fantasy land." --Jami Bernard, The New York Daily News