"Let's see: Scary storm? Check. Draconian mental ward? Check. Lame script and embarrassing performances? Check. Yep, 'Darkness Falls' meets the standards of the assembly-line horror movie...'Darkness Falls' tells the grim tale of Matilda Dixon, who was murdered by a mob more than a century ago. Ever since, when a child loses his last tooth, Matilda's ghost hovers above...with a movie like 'Darkness Falls,' all that matters is whether it delivers fast, cheap thrills. In this case, the answer depends on your personal fright threshold--and the lower the better." --Elizabeth Weitzman, The New York Daily News

"'Darkness Falls' was formerly known as 'Tooth Fairy,' but could just as well have been titled 'Dumb Then Dumber' for the way its plot makes decreasing sense even by the low standards of B horror flicks...The acting by the relatively unknown cast who have the bland good looks of soap opera stars rarely reaches the standard of minimum believability. But the people truly to blame for the movie's general wretchedness are director Jonathan Liebesman, and writers John Fasano, James Vanderbilt and Joe Harris." --Jonathan Foreman, The New York Post

"...a lamebrained attempt at horror that is just a derivative pastiche of ideas lifted from other bad films...The acting is mediocre at best, as is the direction by first-timer Jonathan Liebesman...Even 'The Tooth Fairy' herself looks bargain basement, resembling a Halloween lawn puppet caught in a windstorm." --John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune

"'Darkness Falls'--with a thud. But it does not go gently into the night, for director Jonathan Liebesman and his large crew cram as much style and energy as they can into a hokey and morbid supernatural thriller plot...That they throw in a couple of intentionally funny lines now and then, providing a smart touch of humor, shows they know they're merely shining so much schlock." --Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"...just another jack-in-the-box Hollywood shock machine that leaves you no time to absorb, much less think about its crass, corny jolts...The carnage is filmed discreetly; not, one suspects, for artistic reasons so much as to maintain a PG-13 rating." --Gene Seymour, Newsday