"The third movie about the shagadelic one, 'Austin Powers in Goldmember,' is a step or two down from the first and second, but it has some very funny moments, and maybe that is all we hope for...It's a small disappointment, but I'm glad I saw it. Sorta." --Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"...the most relentlessly scatological exhibition I have ever seen short of golden-showers pornography...I prefer not to analyze a spectacle so awash in formlessness and facetiousness, not to mention a frenzy of cesspool humor... it's all amateur-night vaudeville and movies within movies that degenerate into total inanity." --Andrew Sarris, The New York Observer

"...a wearying hit-and-miss affair that gradually disintegrates under the weight of what might be a world-record number of scatological references and bodily function jokes...Myers gets a charge out of this material--it wouldn't be here if he didn't--but so much of it is so tedious it's difficult to believe an adult actually sat down and wrote it." --Kenneth Turan, The Los Angeles Times

"This comic avalanche of raunchy double entendres and pop cultural references tosses in not only the kitchen sink but also the water bed (leaky from strenuous overuse) and the toilet (unflushed and running over)...For all the fun it conjures, 'Goldmember' is also a bloated (and dare I say?) decadent the movie huffs and puffs its way toward world conquest, its sheer tonnage of puns, sight gags and winking parodies works an exhausting spell...Like a giant balloon painted with Day-Glo colors, however, the whole gaudy mess wouldn't inflate without the force of Mr. Myers's comic genius. It's his baby, baby. And after three editions, it's still flying high." --Stephen Holden, The New York Times

"There's more moviemaking comedy verve (and nerve) in the first 15 minutes of 'Goldmember'--and, intermittently, throughout this extravagant, uneven, retro-happy celebration of the movies as international setters of indelible style--than there is in all of 'Scooby-Doo,' 'Mr. Deeds,' and 'Men in Black II' combined...for all the culty, comfy, campy pleasure in watching familiar cartoon characters reiterate familiar behavior (pinkie to mouth all over again), something just this side of shagaphobia results from too much exposure to too much Austin." --Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly

"It's a varsity show for people who can't get enough potty jokes. I wish the Austin Powers movies hadn't become such a big industry--some things are better left small." --Peter Rainer, New York

"Erratically enlivened by brief salvos of inspiration, 'AP3' is largely content to elbow the winks-per-minute count toward critical mass. Complicity here means reaching across the fourth wall to congratulate audiences on their superiority to the endlessly recycled material you've just sold them. In a they-know-that-we-know-that-they-know-it's-rubbish hall of mirrors, nothing matters but the simulacra of other movies and the glittering reflections of your myriad product placements." --Dennis Lim, The Village Voice