"They forgot to put in the entertainment...The result is something quite rare in professional show business: 1-1/2 hours of pure blankness. It's there but it's not there. It is but it isn't. It has nothing to offer. It's not forgettable, really, because there's nothing to forget." --

Stephen Hunter, The Washington Post

"... so unremittingly awful that labeling it a dog probably constitutes cruelty to canines. It isn't even bad in a way that could be remotely construed as entertaining, unless your idea of fun is counting lapses in continuity and scenes where the actors' lip movements don't match the dialogue...Watching it is like watching 90 minutes of outtakes--deleted scenes randomly assembled by a drunken night watchman at the studio."--Lou Lumenick, The New York Post

"'The Adventures of Pluto Nash' is horribly misguided. It's not funny and it's not suspenseful. It's not exciting and it's not dramatic. It's just very busy, a lot of bright lights and noise with nothing inside...As for Murphy, Pluto Nash is simply a continuation of a career free-fall occasionally slowed by work in animated flicks and talking-animal movies." --Randy Cordova, The Arizona Republic

"... setting this picture on the moon wasn't enough to help it escape the crushing gravitational pull of a bad script...The prefab lunar interiors have the molded plastic look of a backlot, like the 1990 'Total Recall' or the Universal CityWalk mall in Burbank, whichever is tackier." --Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

" inconsequential futuristic action-comedy lensed more than two years ago and originally planned for release 14 months ago. Unceremoniously dropped into theaters sans press screenings by distrib Warners, this Eddie Murphy showcase puts the actor in the familiar role playing a funnyman who can shoot guns and chase bad guys, but the proper mix is never found --Robert Koehler, Variety